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That’s fantastic news about going below 19st! My first big goal was to go under 20st which meant losing over 6st! The milk diet saw off a stone for me so I was just as happy as you.

I know it isn’t easy but things in life worth having rarely are. Just bear in mind that the pre op diet is to help your surgeon and keep you safe while he does his job. You are right to feel excited about your new life – it actually started the same day you went on the milk diet because you have chosen to take back control of food.

It’s easy to think that food is a friend. Well, up to point is IS. It nourishes our bodies and help to keep us healthy. However, it can also be our worst enemy. Wls will give you back the control you need to move forward with your life. I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that it will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself. In the meantime, relish the changes you are already making and congratulate yourself on making the right choice for you and your family.

I think we all missed food to start with but that is only natural. Many of us had considered it to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. however, in my case, it was because everything else in my life had become so awful that eating was a break from it. I knew I was making my situation worse but couldn’t stop myself. My bypass enabled me to totally re-evaluate my relationship with food by stopping the deep and gnawing hunger I used to feel. This will happen to you too if you trust the surgeon/team and surgery, follow the guidelines, and be as kind to yourself as you are to everyone else.

I say it all the time and always mean it: just for once in your life, put yourself first. You have made a brilliant start so give yourself a huge pat on the back and keep looking forward. If you have achieved this much on the pre op diet, imagine what is possible after the surgery!!

Hope Peter is ok but make sure you are too 😉

Doodah x

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