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Re: ‘Coming out’ about weight loss surgery

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Hi Lelly and welcome. I have to say that I was very much like you as I approached surgery, I obsessed about the risks and feared the worst. The fact is that wls carries risks, all surgery does and there is no such thing as routine. However, we are given the facts and we decide for ourselves if this is what we want.

For me, I’d tried anything and everything to try to control my weight in the past. I had some success occasionally but always gained it back, and more too usually. I was told that wls is not a magic wand, and it has proved not to be one, but I am so happy with what I have now. My bypass was 7 months ago, I have lost 8.5 stone and I have 1.5 to go. My loss has slowed right down now and I have to really work for it but from a purely vain point of view, I feel “normal”. Most of my clothes are a size 16 and I can shop for clothes in almost any store.

I have a level of activity now that I couldn’t imagine before, I’m no gym bunny (some forum users are) but I have a lovely dog and we cover miles these day. I can walk uphill without getting out of breath, sweating a bucket and turning puce. A flight of stairs was too much for me before. And I’ve rediscovered swimming, which was a passion of mine as a child. My blood pressure has returned to normal and I feel great. My family aren’t worried about me like they used to be. I’ve started riding my motorcycle again regularly, although not so much now its cold. I went on a camping holiday in September, another passion that I’d given up since I could’t fit in a sleeping bag anymore. I have changed my job and am now back doing something I’m interested in, rather than putting up with the job I had because I hadn’t the confidence to go for an interview. And speaking of confidence, I often strike up conversations with strangers these days whilst out dog walking, rather than casting my eyes to the ground because I was ashamed of my obesity. I can even talk men!

There is a lot to look forward to. Keep in touch with the users on here. Whatever you are worrying about or any question you have, someone on here will answer. I don’t know about your waiting times, it seems to vary a great deal. When you attend your appointment, go armed with a list of questions for your team, the’ll be glad to help you.


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