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Re: ‘Coming out’ about weight loss surgery

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@Kimberly 32839 wrote:

Hi lelly , your so welcome here , it’s understandable that your family are worried . It’s is major surgery . But I can honestly say that I found streamline team brilliant . If your read my post your know I failed my anaesthetics . My experince is that they do really look into all aspect of your healthy before that operate . Although I was so sad I can now see how helpful it was that I saw a cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon before I had me WLS . Now 18 months ago I wouldn’t have said that I would be saying do it now I don’t care . So I’m grateful that they thought about all aspect of my physical health . I can say with my hand on my heart that Shaw Somers saved my life . Tomorrow it will be a year sine I had my bypass . I’m so much happier , usually I can do so much more physically that I couldn’t before , but I’m recovering from appendectomy , and I have to remember my self I’m not a young women any more !!!! So two major abdominal surgery in 10 months has meant I have had to rethink my expectations of my self . In my head I want to get up in the morning do all the house work , do two hours in the gym , come home see friend do all the other things .doh!!! I’m 56 with a cardiac history and I had to reprogrammed my brain that in not 26 any more even though losing all this weight I feel like it lol xx

You have done so well, I am hoping that my op will not be delayed, as our youngest Son is getting married in October next year and I want to wear something that I like rather than something that fits…ish. I really do not want people to stare at me because I look like a beached whale. Does anyone know how long after the MDT appointment the op will be (if I am successful).
It must be lovely to have energy, it has been a long time since I have had any.

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