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Re: Cold and tired

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@sharlotte 27023 wrote:

Please can someone tell me why I feel so cold and so so so tired?!?

I’ve had 3 fills and I have been feeling so cold and so tired after the 3rd fill, just want to go to bed all the time!!!

Is there any vitamins I should or could be taking to help me feel better???

Hi Sharlotte.

Unfortunately, being cold is one of the prices we have to pay post wls. It’s absolutely miserable I know but there are ways of coping with it. However, you firstly should rule out that there isn’t a medical reason why you feel so cold and tired all the time. I suggest you ask your GP to run some fairly comprehensive blood tests to include Iron and Vitamin B12. Also your thyroid function. I only know this because I have had them all done recently! Feeling cold and tired is an indicator of an underactive thryroid and tiredness can be caused by Iron and/or Vit B12 deficiency.

If it’s none of those things then I suggest you buy thermal EVERYTHING! You will learn how to deal with it as you progress but I am known for moaning about being cold all the time 4.5 years post op!! However, I don’t moan about being tired so getting your bloods checked might be your best first move. Please also find the link to a really good thermal clothing company below:

British Thermals – British Made Thermal Underwear for all the Family

Hope that helps

Doodah x

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