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Re: Clothes and Confidence

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@loulou19 33649 wrote:

Hi all

I am down from a size 22 to a 16, which to me is amazing and I am really pleased. However I am off to a wedding in a week or so, and have bought a new fitted shift dress (and underwear that slurps you in). But now I am not sure if I feel confident enough to wear it. It is really odd – wanted to lose weight for so long and now feel self conscious ! Not sure if it is because the dress is fitted and I haven’t worn anything fitted for 15 or so years, the colour is brighter than I’ve worn for a while. My friend says I look great but I just cant quite see it.

What’s going on with me???? Need to get some perspective on this.


I am sure that you look fantastic, your friend would never let you wear something that doesn’t suit you or didn’t look great. I am far bigger than you were at your largest but I wear clothes that are actually too big for me as I don’t want anyone to see all the rolls of fat. You are just used to wearing loose clothes as they look better on bigger people but it’s also a confidence thing we are used to trying to hide ourselves in loose baggy clothes and drab colours to try and blend into the background. You have lost so much weight, be proud and show yourself off to the world, the wallflower is dead, bring on the flamboyant lily.

Lelly x

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