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thank you so much for the warm welcome Doodah and Kathie, Liz congratulations on your operation success really looking forward to following your post op progress 🙂

I’ve had the myheartexposed user ID now for years, my blog will celebrate ten whole years this year in October so quite an achievement really, it just seems like a natural thing for me to use the same name here as it is kind of like bearing your soul each time you take the plunge to ask or answer something online.

GP appointment could not have been simpler, I did go fully prepared and armed with all the paperwork printed out, stapled and presented though, I took the NICE guidance criteria and outline, Medway PCT documents for Individual Funding Requests, Criteria, Guidance and a copy of the submissions form, a typed up three page point by point list of how being over weight for the last twenty one years has impacted on my life and the St Richard’s surgeons details. Drove in to the room with my wheelchair simply said that I was sick of this shite and want my life back now that I cant have any more babies so I want you (the doctor) to put in a funding request for weight loss surgery on my behalf, dumped the pile of papers in front of him and sat back quietly keeping my mouth firmly closed (an achievement in itself) until he spoke to me. We had a brief three to four minute discussion where I explained that as I’ve already had reconstructive surgery on my abdominal cavity along with bowels rebuilt, I am facing a lifetime of years in and out of hospital each time my weight changes two to three stone but WLS will fix that issue meaning I can see out the rest of my 40s without that constant worry. He’d already agreed before I said all of that, I just threw it on the table for good measure typed up in advance of course.

So now I have to wait two weeks and telephone his secretary to check on the progress of the funding application, GP says we’ll take things from there, I made a follow up appointment for 3rd May before I left just in case I need to further push the importance of this or rather how important it all is to me personally.

Felt really good though because I had stayed up all night printing and making sure the highlights were all correct then sat on the bed beside my toddler and hubby about 8am next thing it was ten past ten and I was late so I phoned to apologise as I was running late and they said to come in anyway, got seen straight away as soon as I got there so was actually one of the quickest most straight forward appointments I’ve ever known. The other staff there like receptionist and two nurses commented on how different I look from two months and a month ago as my neck is appearing and face definitely shrinking.
So I felt even more good about actually turning up and not bottling it and cancelling which was my intention when I phoned.

Will keep you updated and I do post regularly to my blog and facebook with progress updates and stats if you’re interested.

Helen x

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