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sorry I have not been around for a while, to be honest the whole process of applying for funding, getting turned down, referral to Tipping The Balance then another referral, well its been keeping my mind very busy with it all and I’ve been a bit down. Plus we’ve had our second oldest of six kids home from university with his girlfriend staying with us since the end of May and they went back two days ago so feel I can breathe again now.

My next appointment with TTB is on the 29th, the lady is hoping for funding and referral news to Somers Shaw on that day as well, I’ll also be having an assessment for their exercise program. As I am a part time wheelchair user I know I can do swimming but affording it twice a week is becoming a bit of an issue for me at the moment so hopefully they’ll be able to help with that.

Orlistat is also no where to be found in Kent so having run out of tablets more than two months ago I think I’m doing quite well to still be loosing the weight. I just want to get on with things and have the bypass, can not wait for news its like torture. The second referral for funding went in on the 9th August please keep everything crossed for me this time, I mean I’ve done everything they wanted me to do, diary, orlistat, bit of more moving around within my own house, seeing a dietitian and being sent to Tipping the Balance so what excuse are they going to come up with this time, I hope they just send it through for referral to the surgeon at long last, I started this whole process on February 10th so its already been six months of batting the ball backwards and forwards. I have complied with everything they have asked so now its their turn, I want my life to start properly, with lots of weight dropping off and my abdominal surgery rectified so I dont have to use the wheelchair for much longer.

My youngest turned five in July, second youngest 11 in June so I want to be able to enjoy things with two little boys whilst they are still young enough to do things with their Mum, we’ve missed out on so much already so now I want this so badly I can practically taste it and that hurts a lot that I am still sitting here like this.

Makes me want to scream but coming on here today makes me feel I’m not alone in the agonising wait and problems associated with that process. So thank you.


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