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Re: Changes in hair post-op

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@nuttygirl 31924 wrote:

Hi! I’ve not posted here in ages but thought I’d drop in to say hello and ask for your experiences with changes in how your hair is post-op.

My hair used to be very thick and straight. Then I lost loads of hair and it thinned right out a few months after surgery – a side effect most of us have after wls. Now my hair has grown back thick again but is really curly! I hate it so had it all chopped short.

Anyway, can anyone tell me if the hair change will be permanent? Thank you.

Kathy 🙂 x

Hi Kathy

Nice to hear from you again!

I lost quite a bit of hair (as do many people) but it all grew back after about a year. My hair was very curly to start with so I didn’t notice any difference to be honest. the thing i have noticed though, is that it is much drier. I don’t need to wash it so often – which is a real bonus as it is SO thick! It takes a bloomin age to dry.

I like having the option to be either straight or curly but if my GHDs ‘died’ I think i would actually cry haha!

Doodah x

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