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Re: Challenging

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Hi Katy

Don’t worry too much much, its quite normal after a lifetime of dieting to not want to gain an ounce after WLS, as you know I at the same position you are having just been told to stop loosing any more weight and go into maintenance mode, I am still getting on the scales and praying that I have not gained an ounce this week, which I have not, mind you I have not lost any more either so I must be just about getting it right, but I am well aware that there is no way am I going to allow myself to put any more on as I am more or less happy as I am and know full well the extra half a stone I need to loose to get my BMI to that magic 25 will only happen if I have my extra skin removed and thats not going to happen, unless I win the lottery that is, if I do then its being booked for tomorrow, :lol:.

Just keep an eye on what you are doing and remember to keep your protein up as that vitally important for your muscles because when you loose weight fast its not just fat that goes its also muscle as well and your hearts a muscle.

I am sure you will be fine in the end as soon as you get used to your new slimline look.


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