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Re: Celebrate your Opiversary!

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I had my op 1 year ago today, its gone sooooo quick, I remember everything like it was yesterday. To date I have lost 10st 13lb and I feel pretty damn good. The day of the op was pretty scary as you always have that nagging thought of what if something goes wrong but I was in good hands but I never thought I was making the wrong choice as I felt it was have a bypass or get fatter and die young !! I was due to have a gastric band but at the last minute I change my mind and Im so glad I did as everyone advised me against it due to the type of person I was. When I came round after surgery I expected to be in imense pain but I wasnt and only used the morphine 2 times and one of those I was told to as I was getting out of bed. The nurses are so kind and caring and it helps because a couple of them have been through the same thing so know how it feels. I was let out a day early and was so glad as noone wantas to be in hospital lol. Even after the surgery I NEVER regretted it and thought what have I done. Its so nice to be able to shop for clothes in more places now and I have found Asda in one of my favourite places to shop. I can eat pretty much anything apart from bread and on the odd occasion I do slip slightly but I am only human and try not to dwell on it and just carry on eating healthy again.


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