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Re: Celebrate your Opiversary!

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monkey girl

Thanks to everone who sent replys.
I had quite forgotten about the tiredness in the first few weeks.
It lasted for me, for about 12 weeks and was quite frustrating as I was also a busy working mother. The only way i can explain how it felt is to say it was like my batteries had gone flat. It was as if my body had to learn how to get energy from my stores of fat instead of directly from my food intake, of which the prior was vast and the latter was titchy. Eventually, however , all service was resumed.

Something else that might help other post oppers, is the carrying at all times of, what is known in our house as ” the emergency banana “. From time to time I can sometimes experience that flat battery feeling again. It’s usually because I have not eaten for a few hours or when I have been especially busy. This is the time to break out the banana ! Eat little and often, to keep your blood sugars levels level and all should be tickety boo !

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