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Re: Celebrate your Opiversary!

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monkey girl

( because I am absoloutely mad about Primates)

Hi Carol, my real name is Ruth and this is the first time in my adult life that I have been this size.
I seem to have inherited our familys fat gene ( thats what I call it anyway) I was a fat child and I tried every weight loss method I could find but always put the weight back on. As I got older it became more difficult to lose weight, I was in good health but I had worn out my hip and my life was becoming restricted , so I took the plunge.

Some of the things I have learnt are…..always follow the advice that Shaw and his team give, they know what they are talking about!
Don’t panic when you hit a plateu, I was convinced that I would fail at this weight loss attempt, just like I had failed at all those diets before. Keep doing the right things and it will begin to shift again.
Learn from your experiences and if you have a bad day with food try to see where you could have done things differently.
Also take the vitamins and if you have a problem with hair loss, as I did, get a new hair do untill it grows back. ( It did ).
Never save an outfit for “best” because when you go to wear it, it will be too big!!! ( my husband has calculated that I am on my fifth wardrobe of clothes.) I don’t feel guilty about this as Shaw did warn him it was an inivitable side effect.

Accept the fact that you will have to start your shoe collection again and see it as a challenge.

Try not to be too surprised when you don’t recognise your own reflection because I am still getting to grips with that . That also applies to the times when people who have known you for years blank you in the street, they stare for a while, and they recognise your voice, when the penny finally drops they often swear too.

Finally, pace your self, because although you may have a lot of living to catch up on, your new supply of energy does not have a use by date.

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