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Re: cazza’s Weight Loss Journey

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After feel like pants for putting weight back on 5lb and beating myself up about it well I had a little falling out with hubby (all ok now ) I didn’t eat for nearly 2 days with stress I just couldn’t face food until he made me eat some chicken.

when I went for my 2nd fill last Thursday I had lost the 5 lb plus another 1lb my band is tight now although not sure if to tight as being sick with most meals it may be that i’m adjusting after not having the restriction with my 1st fill I couldn’t eat pasta tonight but managed the mince so I thought that was ok and manged and chicken wrap lunch time drinking plenty of fluid and making sure no drink is around whilst having dinner and waiting.

I have got to be strong this week as going on a 9 night med cruise so there will be no A’la carte dinner for wedding anniversary this year but end result is worth it so in the last week I have lost 8lb so happy bunny may have been more if I hadn’t had wine or vodka but who can give everything up.

I said to Velia that I had got down about it but said what you guys said and she agreed trial and error don’t beat myself up it’s early days so thanks guys.

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