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Re: Can’t stop losing

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@bikerchris 33888 wrote:

Hi all,

Now this sounds like a really high class problem and I’ve even felt doubtful about posting on here but my issue is that I don’t seem to be able to stop losing weight. Before I had my op, I discussed an appropriate weight with the team and said I’d like to be 11 stones, giving me a BMI of just under 24. I was told that this may not be achievable but at my annual check I had just reached that and I was thrilled.

However in the 2 months since then, I’ve lost another 12lb and it shows no sign of stopping. My BMI is now 21.5 so still in the acceptable range but I now feel a bit skinny/puny rather than slim/healthy. I’m 45 and it shows in my face too. I feel as though I’m eating loads, and I’ve added snacks between meals. I’ve also (in a very careful controlled way) started to add more fats like a smear of butter or full fat milk. But I’m also nervous about making myself ill or worse, damaging my bypass by eating too much.

I hear a lot of bypassers say they ” bounce back” a little with their weight. Am I worrying over nothing? Any assistance or advice welcome.

Chris x

My first bit of advice is to speak to your team about it. Second bit – most people have some bounce back. Usually about a stone. Some people’s bodies take ages to settle, whilst others can suddenly find themselves gaining a bit after 5 years!

The very nature of what we have all had done makes us prone to fixating on the numbers. Are you worried that you LOOK weak or feel weak? they are two entirely different things! I believe we get so used to seeing our round chubby faces that a ‘normal’ one seems ‘odd’ to us! If you are healthy, and all your bloods etc are ok, then maybe you are just naturally a very slim person after all?

Speak to your dietitian. Perhaps you need to change what you are eating now that you have reached the weight you wanted to be. Lastly, don’t EVER be worried about discussing anything on here. You will never, ever be judged.

Please let me know how you get on. It will be of interest to everyone, plus we all want to support you.

Doodah x

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