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Re: Can’t stop losing

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@bikerchris 33900 wrote:

Thanks for that Lelly. Just thinking back to Doodah’s comments about the difference between our usual chubby appearance and what is now my face, I think the change is as difficult for others to comprehend as it is for us. Some people have told me I must stop losing or I’ll look ill. They are mostly well meaning. Then there are those who told me I was slim enough about 4 stones ago. I’ve even had a few cruel comments suggesting I’m anorexic and the like. I think Kim on this forum calls those people”skinny ugly” which sums it up nicely.

However the change is dramatic and can be difficult to get used to. I think I passed through this weight about the time I started high school and have never looked this way all my adult life

It’s one of the lovely people at the Streamline support group who first called someone ‘skinny ugly’ and we all use it now – it’s perfect isn’t it?

I still don’t recognise myself in shop windows and think someone else has bought exactly the same outfit as me haha! So, if we don’t recognise ourselves, it must be doubly difficult for others. However, there is never any excuse for rudeness. Telling you you look ill is unacceptable. Another irony is that, once you have got used to your new slim face, the moment it looks even slightly chubbier can send us into sheer panic! Gains are frightening. We are so used to gaining everything back that we can find it hard to rationalise that our bodies are simply finding the most HEALTHY weight – which might not correspond with what we view to be an IDEAL one.

Chris Pring is very keen to help people see this distinction. Reasonable goals are the ones most likely to be achieved and maintained. If you were told you could be a size 16 when you are a 34, you would think you had won the lottery!

Anyway, I’m glad you are seeing the wonderful Nicole. She will be able to put your mind at ease and come up with the answers you looking for. Say ‘Hi’ to her for me please as I haven’t been up to Harrow in ages! Good luck 🙂

Doodah x

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