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Re: Can’t stop losing

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@Kimberly 34892 wrote:

Hi Chris lovely to hear from you , and I really appreciate it when people update I love to hear your news and get excited at the changes that occur in people life’s . It’s is strange the mental changes that occur about how we internalise out body image . I can now see myself as looking “normal” erh that sounds weird but I’m sure you know what I mean . In fact when I lost weight recently with the last operation , I thought I looked rough!!! Especially in my face . So in one way I was pleased that I put back on some of the recent weight loss . But the other part of my head had tiny freak out about seeing the numbers go up on my scales!!!!! It like a debate inside my head . That’s when I have to dig deep and say this isn’t about looks Kim , get sensible . It also helps that I know good friends at the support group would say to my Kim you lost too much or Kim you putting the weight back on . That a real comfort to me that my fiends have my back xxx

Me too Kim. I love to hear how everyone is doing and worry about them when they don’t post for a while! You are so right about our heads being in debate with our bodies. And, no, there is nothing like support for helping you to win that debate with honest reasoning. Our heads will always try to win over what we do to our bodies. We need to do everything we can to get back control. And they say wls is the easy way out! If only…..but it IS a way out of the misery of obesity, if we listen to our bodies first, then battle with our heads when we are stronger.

Doodah x

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