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Re: Can’t stop losing

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@bikerchris 34890 wrote:

I haven’t posted on this forum for ages, I don’t know why. I’ve been popping in to read other’s posts but not had anything to say, which is unusual for me!

Anyway I thought I’d update this thread as my weight is now stable, I find I go a couple of pounds each way but that’s normal. My bmi is 21 and I’m used to that now, I don’t feel skinny/puny (which is how I described it previously) I feel well and I’d be very happy to stay at this weight.

The food I eat is generally good, my portions are what I would describe as “small appetite adult”. I’ve noticed that I do get hungry between meals now and I’m working on always trying to make a good choice at that time rather than reaching for a biscuit. Protein is always a better choice.

The most important thing to me is that if I’ve eaten good nutritious food, I feel happy and well. If I’ve made poor choices, I feel worried and guilty. The effects of what I eat on mind and body go hand in hand.

Chris x

Hi Chris and thanks for the update.

You make a very important point about how food choices can affect us both mentally and physically. Of course we feel better when we eat well, but being guilt free is such a tonic, emotionally, isn’t it?

I have got past that phase as I can more or less eat what I like these days (except animal protein and rice) but my portions are always controlled. I am far less inclined to feel guilty after a ‘naughty’ choice as i know that the other 99% are good. It’s how ‘normal’ people eat I’ve been told!

Like you, I always choose protein first. I’m making steps to increase my fibre too – we get less ‘regular’ as we get older! I’m so glad you are no longer worried about your weight and are now comfy with the body you are in. When I saw you last, you looked like a model – so tall and lean, you lucky devil. But, as we always say, healthy is the best look 😉

Doodah x

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