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Re: Calories

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‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’ is the same as ‘You could know the calorie content of the universe and it wouldn’t stop you over eating’.

I gave up counting calories because ‘normal’ weight people don’t do it. My Dad is about 4lbs heavier now than when he was 16 (he’s 79 in December.) He does not know the calorie content of anything he eats. He almost died 2 weeks ago from a gangrenous appendix and blood poisoning. He survived the operation almost entirely due to his general fitness and fabulous diet. He eats whatever he wants when he is hungry, then stops. He takes regular exercise but relaxes too. That’s how I want to be. However, food was my drug of choice. My Dad doesn’t have an addictive personality and food is a fuel for him. He eats to live…..

Weight loss surgery has released me from the shackles of calorie counting and guilt. I feel (almost) normal regarding food for the first time in my life. I get occasional head hunger, but I believe that is quite normal too (most people eat something just because it’s nice rather than needing it occasionally)

HOWEVER, we are all different. There are no right or wrongs. If counting calories and reading labels keeps someone on track then that’s totally brilliant too. However we cope, healthily, is the right strategy on a personal level.

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