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Re: Calories

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@bikerchris 34346 wrote:

The chew chew chew thing, normally I’m pretty good at following the rules but this afternoon I dashed in and was starving. I made a piece of toast and ate some cheese far too quickly and without a thorough chew. Oh I did suffer and it’s my own fault. Basically I’d left too long a gap between breakfast and lunch, also I hadn’t planned what to have so I grabbed the first thing.

I’m just starting to feel well again now
Silly me.


I did exactly the same last night. Was hungry after leaving 7 hours between lunch and dinner then wolfed down pasta. It proves that, even after seven years, mistakes happen. I have taken half an hour to eat one slice of toast this morning – just to be sure lol! Daft thing is I am a naturally slow eater. Volume of food was never my problem before wls – it was all about bad choices for me. A serious sugar/fat addiction. But hey, we are mere mortals right? We make mistakes. We just have to try to make sure we don’t make them too often!

Glad you are feeling a bit better 😉

Doodah x

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