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Well I have never thought of myself totally ignorant to knowing what a calorie is but have never been one for counting them although have tried about every diet under the sun.

I’ve done Points with Weight watchers, sins with slimming world, shakes with slimfast and liquid food packs with lighter life oh and been hypnotised all without ever counting a calorie there are plenty of ways to tackle this problem without having to count calories.

I don’t think this makes me ignorant to weight loss or to the obesity crisis that the world is under all I wanted was a bit of advice, kind of sorry I asked :-/

I don’t want to spend my life counting every calorie but also don’t want fad quick fixes anymore which is why I took the step of WLS. I just wanted a ball park figure of the amount calorie wise I should be eating but clearly it’s not such a simple question.

If someone has spent their life counting calories in a bid to loose weight then good for them it’s not like I have never made an effort to loose my weight we are all after all on a weight loss surgery forum.

The question was more to make sure I’m eating enough to keep myself well as the amount I’m eating seems so low but I still constantly worry about slipping back into over eating and stretching my pouch as this is all still so new to me but think it’s obvious now that I should speak to the dietician at the hospital hopefully they won’t make me feel ignorant and judge me wrongly.

A disappointed Summer x

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