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I still find it really hard to get it in my head that when we are over weightall our lives that calories are a foreign entity to some people. Perhaps I’mjust odd but I’ve had to count calories since the age of 5 and so it’s quite normal for me. I still try to keep track of what I’m eating although it goes torat s**t quite often. I’m at the hospital’s goal now and still losing althoughit’s very very slowly now. I’ve got 6lbs to go for my own personal goal though. Calories are the one thing that science has given us and so long as the ones going in are equal to the ones going out then all is fine. I doubt there is a single diet out there which isn’t based on calories in one way or another. Alas, we wouldn’t have got where we are/were if this balance had been kept.It’s very rare for our weight to be caused by anything other than too manycalories going in and so although we have had this surgery, it is still veryimportant to make sure those calories going in are lower or the same as what’sgoing out. Especially when we find we can eat things that we dare not even gonear at the beginning of the journey after WLS. Does that make any sense or have I just put myfoot in it?

My words are not meant to criticise anyone but I honestly believe that theobesity in this world has a lot to dowith ignorance on what one should and shouldn’t eat and I often wonder howanyone can live with obesity all their lives and not know about calories asit’s the most fundamental weight loss tool we will ever have. As I say, perhapsI’m just odd and have researched far too much in my lifetime on all the whysand what can be done about this curse. Perhaps if more education was given toparents and kids as to the reasons for obesity then it could help. Saying allof that, having the knowledge still hasn’t made it any easier for me and allthe facts and figures are good but without the help, it all means nothing!!

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