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Re: Bypass post op food

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Superb advice from Paul as per usual! Dumping is the devil’s way of telling you to stick to the guidelines! It is truly awful. There is also ‘frothing’ that may accompany it. It is a thick ball of mucus as your body tried desperately to digest what you have eaten by mistake. It is like ectoplasm! I find that the worst bit. If the food does come back up, it isn’t even digested so it isn’t like being sick. It is worse (for me) as it looks like a ball of snot with food in it (SORRY to be so graphic guys!) and that has me gagging for hours afterwards.

So, read labels, follow the guidelines and stay vigilant. Please don’t be frightened by all this. If you play your cards right, it won’t happen 😉

Doodah x

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