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Reply To: Bypass on 22nd April

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@bikerchris 31684 wrote:

I’m booked in at Harrow for bypass surgery. Still 4 weeks away, part of me wishes it was sooner and part of me is full of fear as the days tick away.

I am DETERMINED to be organised for the pre and post-op diet, Obviously pre-op entails only buying in extra milk, sugar free jelly and multi vitamins. I don’t fancy the salty drink much but will hold my nose and down it if necessary. Marmite may be nicer than an OXO cube, I think. For post-op, I’m planning to cook up some foods, puree them and freeze in ice cube trays. I’d thought of chicken casserole, fish in sauce and veg/lentil soup. Also some stewed and sieved apple or pear to mix with some yoghurt.

As far as I can tell from reading other people experiences, the rules are to ensure we eat some protein at each meal, keep to low fat options, avoid sugar in all forms and to drink sips of water all day! If anyone has other ideas for me or anything else they think I should know, I’d be glad to hear it.

Thanks all

Hi Chris

Marmite is a fantastic alternative! says me who has given up Marmite for Lent because it is my second fave thing in the world after tea lol!

A word of caution – fish can be problematic for a very new person. However, give it a go and if it is ok then keep going with it. We are all so very different but a few things seem to be a bit dodgy such as rice, pasta, bread, red meat. Having said that, some people can eat all of those right from the start! I can’t eat rice and I’m almost 6 years post op!

Stewed fruit is fab but be aware that it has natural sugar, which is still sugar. I would also say, don’t cook too much in advance as you simply won’t eat enough of it to warrant the effort in the beginning.

Please find the following links for more ideas:


Bariatrics megastore

Four weeks will fly by especially when you start the pre op diet. I’m so excited for you. I always think this is the most exciting bit – like a child waiting for Christmas morning!

I’m sure all the other lovely people on this forum will come along and give more advice that will be better for you as they are newbies themselves. I’m an old timer haha! You will soon be on that loser’s bench 😉

Doodah x

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