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Re: bypass experiences (good & bad)

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Hi Katie
Well its been 20 months since I had my bypass so I will try to remember the good and bad points of having the surgery!
Bad points:
Gallstones – quite common when losing weight quickly – I ended up with them, suffered a lot and had my gall bladder out 10 months after the bypass. Whereas the bypass was done keyhole and I receovered well, the gall bladder was open surgery and I took a long time to recover.
Hating food – yes strange as it sounds, for someone who used to love food I found in the first 6 months after surgery I HATED food because I couldn’t find anything with taste – my taste buds had disappeared. I knew things had got bad when I found myself putting Worcester Sauce on porridge to make it taste of something! I also found it hard not eating and drinking together – it does get easier.
Eating out – going out for a meal seemed pointless cos I couldn’t eat alot. I took a tupperware with me to bring most of the meal home for another time.
Loose skin – losing a lot of weight can prodiuce loose skin – you can exercise to tone up but be prepared for saggy bingo wings!
Hairloss – this is quite common too – for someone who had quite thinck hair to suddenly find it coming out in handfulls was worrying. Again this settles down but new hair growth will be completely different to what your hair used to be like.
Good points:
An eight stone weight loss! Most of this was in the first 9 months and by your second year you might stop losing completely. This is normal as your body ajusts to its new eating habits. You may even put a bit of weight back on. Again this is normal. It does not mean you have failed.
Clothes – being able to shop in most high street shops and supermarkets instead of the outsize shops. This is great although I’m more fussy now about shopping for clothes than I was before I lost the weight!
Energy – obviously losing a lot of weight is going to increase your energy levels and fitness in general. As someone who used to hate walking even for 100 yards becuase of back ache and ankle ache, to be able to walk for miles without thinking about it is great. Its like being given a new lease of life.
Feeling like a normal person – society tends to view overweight people as “freaks of nature” and to be able to walk down the street withoiut people staring and pointing is the greatest feeling.
Blood pressure – for the first time in my life I have normal BP!

Before I had my bypass I seriously thought I would end up in a wheelchair. Because I had the surgery that will not happen. If you have any doubts at all about having the surgery then that is normal. Do your reseacrh by all means but if you want your life back….go for it. Its the best thing I have ever done.

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