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Re: bypass experiences (good & bad)

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@lyns 21252 wrote:

hi i had my gastric bypass in 2009 and have lost nine stone , I have had a lot of problems firstly after 7 months i started to get bad constipation and kept going to the doctors who gave me the usual laxative , i also called my bariatric nurse several times because every time i ate i was in a lot of pain , i went into hospital twice but they didnt find anything , eventually i went back to shaw somers within a minute of seeing him he diagnosed a twisted bowel and i was being operated on within 3 hours , felt so much better until 3 months then i had terrible pain in my right hand side was rushed into my local hospital and was diagnosed with a infectected and inflamned gallbladder it was agony , after many antibiotics and the 18 week nhs waiting time had it removed , i feel i have been ill for two years and now finally getting better , i choose to have the bypass and yes i have lost weight but i have also lost so much more , i now have no confidence and feel ugly , my body looks terrible and this has a massive affect on my marriage , luckily i have a very supportive husband but i do feel that its not just about weight loss we need some support for afterwards , the head needs work as well x

So sorry to hear about your struggle Lyns. Do you think three surgeries in such a short space of time might hav made you feel so down? I was lucky enough to have three years therapy before my surgery so I had already sorted out my head before I had it?

Please don’t suffer in silence. Have a word with your GP who may be able to organise some therapy for you. You might then find that your whole attitude to your body might improve which will in turn improve your general sense of well-being.

Doodah x

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