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Re: Bread

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@cazza 6627 wrote:

I had my 1st fill yesterday so today was the 1st day of trying out what i can & cant eat rice was fine but I tried to eat a chicken sandwich and it seemed to get stuck after about a quarter of it i didnt want to be sick so I had a mouthful of water & it went down is this something that those of you who say cant eat bread is like.

I could never eat fresh bread with my band – it balls up and usually gets stuck! Its a very different feeling with a band to a bypass…

Its a learning curve and you will need to see what works for you. Bread toasted to within an inch of its life was ok, but I couldn’t eat crackers!

I sadly pb’d (the correct term ‘productive burp’) a lot with my band, but I was told never to drink to try and clear a ‘blockage’ (although my band was not done at St Richards, so their advice could be different).

I would avoid bread though if you can Cazza, I know many bandsters who cannot cope with it or rice, or pasta…


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