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I haven’t touched bread in the 9 weeks post op stage. I have eaten wraps and that was fine, but tend to stick with ryvita or crackers. However I ate baked beans in the early stages, mashed up with a bit of mashed potato and dumped. I had my first egg (boiled) at 8 weeks and that was ok. I’d read a lot of posts that eggs made people sick, and having been a late starter in life where eggs are concerned I was a bit cautious. After a bad experience of them when I was a child I didn’t actually start eating eggs until my twenties for fear of being sick!
I’m not keen on yogurt at all, so I’ve recently tried the little aero pots or cadbury light mousse and haven’t dumped on them….yet! I’m too afraid to eat chocolate for fear of NOT dumping!! Plus I see chocolate bars as the main reason of getting to my pre op weight of 18st 4lbs and I have no intention of going back there again believe me.

I love the way I now think about what I actually want to eat, rather than gorging everything through habit or emotion. I’m happy beyond my wildest dreams that I took the decision to have the bypass and yes, I’ve had a couple of ocassions where I’ve came home from work close to tears with frustration, and felt out on a limb as I no longer have the emotional crutch of a glass or three of sparkoing rose wine, crisps or chocoalte bars. Those emotional outbursts only last until the realisation sets in a few moments later, that actually I have my health and happiness which you can’t put a price on and that brings it all into perspective…………but there’s always retail therapy to fall back on!!
Hope this helps for all the pre oppers starting their journey xx

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