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Re: Bread

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Aww Julie, I hope everything is back and moving ok now? Have not really had any dumping or major reactions to anything yet myself, although I agree with Precious!! funny ole game it is!

I seem to only be able to take bread in if it’s toasted within an inch of it’s life, am ok with unleven breads, wraps and pittas but only in small amounts – I keep craving crumpets, but they scare me with their stodgey fluffy ways.

I can’t eat eggs with whites (scrambled or poached) without getting pain, although can dunk the toast in the yolk and survive LOL and yet a chicken breast goes in fine and dandy, as do rice and pasta….oh and confession time, I have a packet of Malteasers a week!! Yes a week lol, sucking one or two a day keeps me sane (ish)…please everyone don’t do as I do, do as they tell you!!!

All goes to show who is boss these days and I think it’s name is ‘Pouchie’!!

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