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Re: Bread

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@JulieT 6056 wrote:

Now I am over my awful episode of constipation I can look back and realise what set it all off. I had 2 slices of wholemeal toast for breakfast on Friday morning and felt a bit bloated later that day. Then the terrible constipation episode kicked off and I had an awful weekend with the suffering. So I obviously have a problem with bread. I know that previous episodes of ‘blocking’ have all coincided with me having bread. Will I ever be able to eat bread aagain? Funny thing is, whilst I was trying to ‘unblock’ myself, I had a tiny Freddo chocolate bar thinking it might help – I had no side effects from that at all. On a good point it didn’t make me think – Yeah, I can go back to eating chocolate with no worries – that little piece satisfied me and I don’t want it again. It just seems bread is my No 1 enemy at the moment. Its not a wheat intolerance either cos I’m ok with pasta and rice etc. Has anyone else had strange reactions to normal everyday foods?

Hey fellow, if you feel that bread is not for you and it creates some difficulty for you than you should leave eating this. But if you wanna eat this likely than eat in low quantity… and have some thing else…….

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