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Re: Booked my bypass

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@Fionajeweller 32599 wrote:

This is my first post, I have just had my pre-op assessment at St Richards, and the staff were totally lovely. I have been very worried whether I was doing the right thing but feel reassured now. I start the milk diet next week on the 24th and the surgery is first thing on the 30th. I find myself thinking of little else and it is hard to know what I will be doing going forward. For example it is my birthday on the 24th October which is a little while after the surgery and thought we would go to the theatre, will I be up for it, and what to do about eating. Hopefully, I won’t worry so much about eating afterwards … Do the cravings disappear? if I was a comfort eater what replaces this? How do you all cope long term. I am sure I can keep to the rules post surgery and the milk diet and look forward to the challenges, so next week I will be making soups.

I started the whole process thinking I would be having a gastric band, but have been persuaded into having a bypass as I snack and have a sweet tooth, it does seem drastic, but I feel that to have the band and then to have to go back and have a bypass later seems worse somehow.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Hi Fiona

Welcome to our friendly forum.

Congratulations on putting yourself first for once. My advice for the first few months? Be kind to yourself. As kind as you would be to anyone else.

Follow all the guidelines, don’t try to rush things and allow yourself a longer period of adjustment (mentally) than you think is necessary. the biggest batt;e will be the one in your head. You won’t feel physically hungry but you may experience ‘head hunger’. this is the time when you have to find yourself something else to ‘reward’ yourself with. Like Paul says, try not avoid other ‘addictive’ behaviours.

You are giving yourself one of the greatest gifts you could possibly imagine – freedom from obesity, illness and a shortened life….but you are going to have to work for it. When things get tough (and they will at times) just remember how things are now. Take photos to record your progress, not forgetting to use the old fashioned tape measure to log inch loss for plateau times. Some of the before and after photos on here are truly staggering.

We are all here to help you. Never think that your problem is too small or insignificant. I guarantee someone else has been through it and will be able to sympathise and offer you advice/tips on how to get around or through it.

The next stage of your life is just beginning – and it’s going to be one heck of a ride so hold on to us and we will help you get through it. I’m so excited for you!

Doodah x

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