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Re: Booked my bypass

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You know what? I find that sometimes, just one bite: one taste is enough. especially with something like a celebration cake. I actually loathe fruit cake so I always just pick at the marzipan lol!

I have a bit of fizz at Christmas and weddings and the occasional glass of rosé wine but apart from that, I don’t drink. I certainly don’t miss it either.

The first year post wls is seriously a big learning curve. The biggest problem is that it will hardly ever be a uniform curve. You will be able to eat or drink something one day then the next tie you try it, it won’t play the game. For the first year I only ever ate fresh food cooked at the time of eating. I found that re-heated food was too dry for me and it got stuck. BUT, that’s only me.

We can all only tell you what happened to us. Everyone is SO different. It’s a pretty big adventure though, believe me!

Doodah x

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