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Re: Booked my bypass

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@Kimberly 32608 wrote:

Doubt are normal that ok , write a list as if your a lawyer giving argument for and against WLS . Then write your. Self a letter explaining why and what your hopes are . Write a bucket list of all the things you like to do after surgery . Read loads especially how to cope psychologically after wards . Think about how you going to manage stressful situation in the future . Get your self fit for surgery as this will aid your recovery . I personally choose a bypass and it has given me my life back . Nothing taste as good as being healthy . It’s funny your taste changes after surgery I love milk even more now ( I know weirded ) and initially went for bland food but recently I heading towards salty ( naughty) spice foods . I still get the food monster who torments my brain crisps ( devil food) but it usually when I have left it too late for dinner or lunch . Cup of tea works wonders .

Great ideas from Kim there!

I crave really savoury things sometimes too but it is usually satisfied with Marmite! Kim is so right, a cup of tea is magical for filling the gap where food once stood as the go-to when stress arises. I honestly believe there is virtually nothing it cannot improve!

Doodah x

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