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Re: Blues Banding….

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Thanks guys. I’m an old hand at this now but even I fall off my bike once in a while lol!! Difference is that now I’ve had surgery, I don’t feel so disappointed with myself that I blow the whole week and eat rubbish. I just think to myself ‘Well, that was entirely normal’ and get on the bike again. ‘Normal’ people treat themselves every once in a while without even thinking about it. My Dad is a very slim man and eats healthily about 95% of the time. Then, every month or so he will treat himself to a nice pie, mash and veggies followed by his very favourite – jam suet sponge and custard. He is almost 80 and weighs about 3lbs more now than he did at 17. He never, ever feels guilty about food. Gah, why did I have to take after my poor little Mum who has struggled with her weight her whole life?! She has only just stopped counting calories at 75. And you know what? She only weighs about 5lbs more!!!
So, I guess what I am trying to say is that the food/guilt thing is part of the problem. If we could all only learn to let it go, life would be so much better. However, for some of us it will never happen so we just have to learn to only feel guilty in short bursts!! Then get back on that bike and keep peddling ;-))

Doodah x

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