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@Kimbo 29699 wrote:

Thanks Treeza I will ask and see what he says on Wednesday as I would just like to check that everything is ok as I do seem to get tired very quickly these days
I’m really pleased with how it’s going I’ve lost 6 stone in the 7 months so far and i feel so much better for it has been worth every penny and has completely changed my health and therefore my life, no more asthma medication, no more blood pressure tablets or mepradec for gastric reflux I’m so much happier and I’m sure nicer to be around for my long suffering husband. I would like to lose another 3 stone so there is a little way to go yet as the weight loss has slowed but I am determined to make the most of the wonderful opportunity and tool I’ve been given so I will get there eventually
Take care
Kim x

Hi Kim

I believe the main tests are for B12, iron and calcium for us ladies but don’t quote me on it as I am not a clinician! Rapid weight loss can cause huge hormonal changes in women and periods often kick start again if they have stopped. It’s one of the reasons some women have wls – so that they can start a family. You may also be tested for statins etc. You should be able to ask the NHS for blood tests as you are still a patient and they have a duty of care. However, if you are seeing your team next week, you can ask them everything you need to know. Word of advice – write a list of all the things you need to know. It saves time!

Congratulations on your fantastic achievement so far. Just remember that if you don’t lose another ounce, you have already improved both your health and happiness by MILES. Well done.

Please say ‘Hi’ to everyone for me 😉

Doodah x

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