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Re: Big Body Squad

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Behind almost every obese person is a tale of anguish, injury, abuse, loss and/or eating disorder. People are SO quick to judge. Addicts: smokers, alcoholics, drugs etc often appear perfectly ‘normal’ whereas our particular ‘drug of choice’ makes our bodies grow, making our suffering visible to everyone. Therefore, not only do we have to suffer the hell of addiction but we also have to deal with prejudice and bullying. A coke addict can look beautiful (‘heroin chic’ models) but be completely out of control and running the risk of killing themselves and /or others. Obese people are visible – noticably so by their sheer size.

I’ve always thought it strange that the bigger I got, the more invisible I became. I finally realised it was because other people dont WANT to see obese ones. We are treated like second class citizens, we are belittled, mocked and reviled and what for? For having an addiction that isn’t ‘fashionable.’

So, my worry is that the programme encourages the ‘freak show’ mentality in society. It’s wrong on every level: morally, legally (it’s an ‘ism’) and spiritually (I don’t mean religion here folks, I mean it damages the spirit both the perpetrator and the victim) so I shall reserve total judgement until I have watched a few more.

Sorry for the soap box but I feel SO strongly about it!

Doodah x

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