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Re: Big Body Squad

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I honestly believe some people think obesity is contageous! Have you noticed how no-one ever wants to sit next to a ‘big’ person? It can’t just be because there is not as much room or they’s be the same with a very tall person. Like I said before, fatism seems to be entirely accepted still. By that I don’t mean the odd ‘fat’ joke (some of them are even funny) but real, venomous, spiteful bullying. It happens even within families. A relative of mine once said to his teenage daughter ‘If you carry on eating like that you will end up like our Doodah’ RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! He was genuinly surprised when I told him where to get off. My fabulous teenage relative replied ‘What, funny, thoughtful and kind? I’ll take that’. What a gal. As it happens, she does have a weight problem now. She has Hypothyroidism and PCOS as it is rife in my family. However, she is a wonderful young woman of whom he is rightly proud. I wonder how many people look at her and instantly presume she is lazy, greedy and out of control?
Sorry for the diatribe there! I just feel very strongly about it. I’m no longer super-morbidly obese but in my head I will always be ‘fat’.

Doodah x

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