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Re: Big Body Squad

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Yes I agree that it is the narrators comments that let the show down. He brings up cost constantly and I did get the feeling that his comments were to there to point out how big and freaky we are. Like I said above to sensationalise it for TV and I think that often perpetuates the fear, ignorance and hatred other people have who don’t seem to have any idea what it means to be obese or why people become obese. Obviously cost is an issue but I think most of us agree that the cost of obesity and the related problems could be considerable reduced with better prevention help, more approachable staff (I mean how many of us avoided talking about our weight with professionals for a long time due to fear of reprimand and lack of understanding?) and more appropriate spending. For example imagine how many operations or counselling or dieticians could be paid for with one of those ambulances that cost £400000! That is around 33 gastric bypasses. Which is quite shocking if you think about it. Not saying that we don’t need the ambulances but that more prevention could lead to not having to buy more of them.

I think I will watch it again if it is on again to see more of the staff. Like it’s been said the staff are excellent. I was particularly impressed with the ambulance drivers but then again I’ve always have been. I think it would be interesting to do an under cover report on how we are dealt with once we are in general hospital as unfortunately I don’t think the understanding and support always extends to inside every hospital especially with the camera “off”. Well not in my experience any way. Obviously every experience if different.

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