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Re: Be Prepared

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@bikerchris 32142 wrote:

Well I didn’t go back to work today, although that was only because of my GP shilly-shallying about signing my note to return. I have been promised it will be available for me to collect on my way to work tomorrow.

Just as a matter of interest, I have found it really difficult to eat and drink today. I know I’m only 3 weeks in but I have become used to my meals being ramekin sized and that I can usually eat half to three quarters of it. Today I have struggled to manage a few teaspoons of food at breakfast and lunch. I haven’t had my tea yet, I’m not hungry and I don’t fancy it, but I will go and try something shortly because I know it is important to not miss and at least try. I’ve also had difficulty getting drinks down. I assume I don’t need to be concerned and this is just one of those things? Everything else seems fine and I have the usual noises from my new plumbing, which is like a drain trying to unblock itself, so I know my digestion is working ok. Do those noises settle down or will I gurgle for the rest of my life?

BTW I really don’t fancy adding any of those syrups to my coffee. Coffee should taste of coffee. Full stop. 😆


I think it is down to stress – the kind you don’t admit to yourself. You may not think you are stressed but your body knows you are! As for the blocked drains noises…get used to them as they are there to stay haha! I was having a spa treatment a few week ago and my stomach noises were almost deafening in the silence!! Good job I had pre warned the therapist or she may have worried about what the frilly heck was going to happen next!

I see you are a coffee ‘purist’. Totally get that. I know someone who is like that about cheese. No fruit in cheese for her!

Hope your first day back is good. Concentrate on hydration and your hunger and energy will soon pick up once you get back into our ‘normal’ routine.

Doodah x

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