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Re: Be Prepared

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@bikerchris 32059 wrote:

Hi Treeza

I’m doing well, thank you. Yesterday, I managed to do a “big” walk with my dog, well about half a mile. I took my son with me for physical and moral support so that if I got too knackered I had someone with me. It went ok although my pace was quite slow. And this morning I took the dog out on my own for the first time. My son is relieved I can take over this again because where I find dog walking a pleasure, he finds it a chore.

And fluids and food both going down well. I can now just about manage to drink a cup of coffee before it goes cold and the rest of the time I’m sipping water or sugar free squash. Altogether I feel very well and only have slight discomfort now, although I know I’m not yet 100% as I get tired very quickly. However given how much I struggled in the first few days, I’m amazed how well I feel.

Chris x

That’s fantastic news Chris. I think the first time we manage to do anything (however simple) we did before surgery should be seen as a very positive event. Dog walking is excellent as our little furry animal family members instinctively know at what pace to go with us. My Pippy (Chocolate Labrador) knows when my asthma is going to be a problem before I do and sets the pace – SLOW and steady. That forces me to do the same. Clever little cookies, animal aren’t they?

Be prepared to be tired. Your body is working triple time for you so reward it with plenty of rest and good nourishment. You are doing brilliantly.

Doodah x

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