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Re: Be Prepared

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@Kimberly 32006 wrote:

Chris I’m glad you seen your GP who had a look at you hope you told him about being out of breath if not might be best that they keep an eye on you . Remember to keep up your pain relief or your get break through pain . The wind pain really hurts . My duster friend who a physio recommended standing up and twenty or more knee bend / squats ( this moved it down ) then going on all fours on your bed with your bottom higher than your head and wait . Honesty it sound very wacky but it did get my wind out which was a relief . Sound like your doing great with fluids

Some people would pay to see another person do that haha!

I used the same principle ‘burping’ my babies. Instead of rubbing their backs furiously, I would lay them flat for about thirty seconds, then slowly and gently sit them up again. It worked like a charm every time! Some of those burps sounded like the sort of thing you would hear on a stag night!

Glad you are listening to your GP and following his guidance. And that you are taking care of yourself like you would anybody else.

Doodah x

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