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Re: Bariatric surgery for teenagers. What are your views?

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Go go doodah…
Don’t forget the smokers, alcoholics , who work in good job but get rat arse on a Friday get into a fight and want an ambulance to get them home…. Doctors to stitch them back up…. Boy racers, muggers, thieves who get hurt doing what they do and want the NHS to mend them free of charge, anyone illegally entering the country and falls of the lorry wants the NHS to fix them for free.

And so the above should be free, so should my WLS… But it’s my fault I eat to much, it’s my fault no one put it in my mouth, I’m to blame… So you mr John will have to pay even though over your working life you have paid in thousands of pounds to the NHS and have only been in hospital on two occasions, where the aforementioned have not paid a penny infact your taxes mr John has helped pay there benefits….

Sorry if I’ve upset anyone but now I’m on a roll… Cheers doodah I’m on one…

Still never mind I can hold my head up and walk tall… Which is good because before WLS I couldn’t walk at all…. Lol

Happy days love John xxxx.

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