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Re: Bariatric Megastore

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Oh Kim. So sorry to hear that my lovely. I hate having days like that.

I hardly ever dump in the Summer months or if I’m on holiday (even though I can never be 100% certain of fat/sugar content) and I believe it’s down to being warm. I simply cannot tolerate certain foods in the Winter. I get SO cold that I just can’t digest them. This is when good old fashioned home made soup comes into it’s own. Slips down a treat and is warming and nutritious. Mind you, I have my adorable little sister on my side supplying me with fresh home made soup. She freezes it into portions, then ferries it to me – literally as she lives on the Isle of Wight!

Hope you have a much better day today Kim. Stay warm and be kind to yourself xx

Doodah x

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