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Re: Bandaid tips required by 66 years old male newbie due to be banded on 7/4/2015

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@Clive Holton 33158 wrote:

Hi, Am experimenting with the milk diet today in anticipation of doing the 2 week pre-op milk diet from end March. Thought I would try it one day a week until the 2 weeks start. Any thoughts or tips please? Best Wishes, Clive.

What a brilliant idea Clive!

Like Chris, I really enjoyed the milk diet. It appealed to the OCD side of my nature!

The main thing to practice would be timing – in my experience of it. Timing the milk intake just right so that you don’t get hungry. I also had my savoury drink in the evening, followed by the sugar free jelly so that, in my mind, it was like having a ‘real’ dinner! I’s amazing what we can trick ourselves to think when it’s REALLY important haha!

Trying to get water in your system, in addition to the milk is made easier by drinking tea/coffee. Otherwise the sheer volume of all that fluid might necessitate pitching up next to the loo all night!

Anyway, please let us know how you get on. I’m really interested to see how it goes for you.

Doodah x

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