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Re: Bandaid tips required by 66 years old male newbie due to be banded on 7/4/2015

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Honestly I do understand about knock backs and waiting , but you will get your surgery some time soon , may be not next month , but as soon as they can . When you think back to.the start of your journey going through all the hoops they make you jump , your a long way down that path already , how about thinking of all the things you like to do a bucket wish that you can tick off . It might be getting the bath towel around you with out big gaps ( these were mine but fill free to use ) going up stairs without having to stop and get my breath . Crossing my legs , painting my toe nails , getting up from the floor in one go . Cutting down on medication getting rid of my cpap mask . Walking around the block . Cycling . Getting out of the bath . Ect . Write your self a letter for the future about how your feeling now and your hopes and dreams .
You can also look up some self help psychological work books , to help you challenge negative thinking . Because after surgery the biggest battle I belive is in our head. So self help CBT good and relaxation exercise also mindfulness . Honesty all these psychological tools will help and I have had to use them
. I’m really stressed at the moment and normally I would have used food to comfort me , but I can’t do that now , infact I can only drink fluid at this moment in time . . So I drink a lot of milk . It will sort it self out in the next few days . But I’m working on my own inner nasty negative thoughts that I’m constantly running through me head at the moment . I’m even having to put my ears on with loud music to stop my self ithink about a Nast verbal attack . And tell my self I’m a good , loving , kind Compassionate woman . Lots of people have told me this in the past and also recently . So one person nasty words towards me and my family are just one person not every one , that these negative thoughts and feeling I have will pass.

Im talking about this so you can see the psychological process About challenging that automatic negative thought I have and I belive others have It’s not easy but it will work , my anxiety levels will decrease and I be able to eat food soon . And I’m a good person

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