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Re: Bandaid tips required by 66 years old male newbie due to be banded on 7/4/2015

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@Lelly 33636 wrote:

Oh you are such a lovely person, don’t let this distort what you have done and the momentous improvement to your life and your families life. As you are a slim bird now, why not try yoga or pilates, they say that they are very relaxing stretching exercises that improve your the tone of your body but helps your inner self as well. You are right, I suppose I have just thought about myself and have been selfish, not really thinking why I have been pushed back, probably someone who is in a worse place than me is going first. I do try but just sometimes I get so fed up with the pain and the looks and the pain again, my hip is so much more painful than it was….see getting maudling again, I will try Kimberly and you try too, don’t let anyone get you done, you are brilliant!


All any of us can do is try our best to stay positive. Last year, absolutely nothing positive happened in my life except that my daughter bought her first property. Everything else was simply awful. I was the same as Kim and lived for about 6 weeks on lattes! But we got through it! And now I’m stronger mentally and physically to deal with this years stress which has already escalated to tipping point!

Kim is right that we all need a plan B. I would suggest try doing the things you would like to do after you have lost your weight, then document how difficult it is. Then, this time next year, try them again and make note of the difference. You will be staggered.

Your time will come. But boy, is it a lesson in patience!

Doodah x

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