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Re: Band pre-op update.

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Hi ruby
To tell you the truth, i think i’ve read so much from lots of different sites, it’s all alittle mixed up in my head. I know i was told or have read that you could take the slimfast shakes on the liver diet. Then i was handed stuff last night which was basically a very low fat/low carb sheet. Which was slice of toast with scrapping of marg…. Slice of bread + 2eggs (not fried)… Evening meal was small piece of meat/fish , 1 potato and veg or salad ( no dressing) you can also have 1 low fat yog and 2fruits throughout the day. I dont want to phone them, cos i dont want them to think i’m stupid…. Then everyone on here talks about the milk diet……. (Confused . Com) if you take the shakes to replace the food…. How many ?

I cant get this wrong, cos i cant risk getting on that table and my liver getting up to shake his hand as he goes in…… What did you do on an average day?

Just on overload at the mo…. Need a little tlc…

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