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Re: Band or not to band?

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ruby tuesday

Hi Charlotte, I had a bypass not a band, but I do know that a band give just as effective weight loss, but does work more slowly, so you are looking at loosing weight over a 2-3 year period, and as such, may just not be what you need. It does sound as though you would like a quick result, and if you were recommended a tummy tuck and feel that is the area of you carrying the weight, I wonder whether a finance option for that surgery might suit you more?

In all honesty, being your height myself, and a higher starting weight than you are, I would not recommend any bariatric surgery, and I would be somewhat dubious of a surgeon that offered you any, because you may not be your ideal weight, but you are certainly not in the morbidly obese catagory. You have to consider the money you would spend and the length of time to get the results you want, baring in mind that until your band is at optimum fill you are only loosing weight through diet and excercise anyway, which can take several months and several fills to achieve. Please don’t feel offended by anything I have said though, I do sympathise with anyone struggling with their weight, and wish you all the best whatever you decide.

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