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Re: band or bypass?

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Hi lisa and welcome,
Sorry to hear about your friend, any form of Gastric Bypass or Band can be an emotional journey and that is why it is important to have some form of support such as this forum. THeir are also meetings where face to face can work.
Eating is not so muc a problem after surgery, having to remind yourself to eat it the early days and to stick to the rules is important.

Either option will give you results, health and weight will both reward you well and for me personnally it has been a relitively easy journey with very few compplications.

Having the option can confuse, you obviously want to get it right first time, but i can only tell you of bypass.
I am living with it and loving it…
I hear quite a few bandsters eventually go onto a bypass but not all…

You will be in control as you naturally change, your mindset changes as does your eating habbits.
You should go on to enjoy most foods eventually but by the time you are really comfotable your be in control…. you can falter and fall off the wagon, but its much easier than any of the old yoyo diets. I dont think your body allows you to self harm anymore, if it does thats when you scream for help…. 🙂

All in all either decision has to be a personal one… both can work.

You will see results, you will become more in control its all very natural…

So for now, read read read and stay calm… Your in contorl just need to decide whats best for you..

Buzz ( Andy in Bognor )

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