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Re: band or bypass?

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Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the forum. If you have an op booked, do you not know which surgery you are having? We all have questions pre-op, but I wonder if you need to see the team again to discuss your questions so you can be sure of the decision you are making, as it is a massive decision. Mr Somers and the team usually recommend the best op for you based on your eating habits etc…if you have been given a choice, then you need to take an honest look at the kinds of foods you eat and the type of eater you are (e.g. big meals, grazer etc) and base your decision on that.

You are certainly not alone re the comfort eating, most pre-oppers eat for reasons other than hunger…

Some never feel hungry with a band (i did) and some feel hungry with a bypass (I haven’t so far). Due to dumping, the idea with a bypass is not to eat sugary foods, but many do (and don’t dump). Whilst many of us eat for comfort, it would be good to chat through your concerns with one of the psychologists for both surgery types are simply tools, they cannot cure comfort eating or snacking and you have to work with the surgery for it to be successful (and even then there is no guarantee). Weight loss with a band is usually slower, but as a tool, if often works for longer…

Everyone reacts to surgery differently, I was really excited at the thought of not being able to eat! So sorry to hear about your friend, with such a terrible story so close to you, I definately think another chat with the team could help alleviate your worries.

Good luck.


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