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Re: band all done

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NICS85 wrote:

Can you please help, I had the gastric band fitted 8th march this year. Starting weight was 17 1/2 stone now I’m 15st 5. But I keep reading in all the success stories that most people have lost 3 – 3 1/2 stone by now.

My band is filled to 5.8 ml at the moment & I’m genuinely eating quite healthily bare the odd slip up over the months. Exercising & eating smaller portions.

Can you suggest anything that will kick start the weigh loss?

I don’t want to have paid £5000 for the operation & it not to have worked


Nics x

Hi Nics, I can so hear the frustration in your message but if you look at it you have done really well. Thats about half a stone a month and in all honesty how we all need to loose it. We should be aiming to loose 1-2lb a week for steady weight loss. You are doing really well as you have reduced portions, excercising etc, thats all the right stuff…….You also haveto bear in mind that with the excercising you will be building up muscle too and more than likely loosing inches. We all work differently and thereis not right and wrong ways of doing things.

Please keep going and try not to compare yourself, I know its hard but we are all on the same track/path ach working diffently.

have you had a chat With the dietitians, they may be able to give support and advice? Happy for you to email me and keep in contact (

Chin up your doing FAB and probably looking like it too 🙂


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